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Professional, efficient and friendly
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The two movers turned up on time & were very helpful & efficient. I would be h..
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Very good and diligent service
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Brilliant two guys we had. They worked so hard and were so polite. Lovely to b..
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Have used Removal Company several times now, and have always been impressed with t..
Nick B.
Viktor and Imi were there on time, and set about the job straight away, and we..
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The team you sent to me were great and incredibly hard working. They treated m..
Trudie F.
I found the removal team very hard working despite having to deal with stairs ..
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Great service - helpful and supportive throughout!
Katryna T.
Excellent team - they worked really hard and were a pleasure to have around. T..


Archive for December, 2008

Christmas decoration Christmas decoration is one of the most breakable items which you have to pack.Of course there is another option and it's to make a present to the local school or kindergarden or give it to friends and neighbours.It all depends on your...
The weather In the day of your moving it will be good to have a good weather.Rain,snow or wind may delay the movers and this will half-fail the whole moving process because the steps you're taking would be offenced.You cannot certainly act agains the...
Stemware Your stemware collection is one of the most beautiful  in the shelf in your living room. So shining ,luxury looking and unfortunately easy breakable.If you don't have a special box with velvet inside to protect them during the moving...
The evening after the moving It ends.The day of the moving day i shistory for you.Certainly this was a very importnat and emotional moment fro you and your family.But this is not the end of your life-no,everythinsg should go on.For sure there are some particular steps that...
Not for storage Storage is a good decision if you have some time till the moving and not all can wait to the exact date.When you decide to give some of your stuff to a storage  you have to look out what is suitable for long term standing there.There will be...
Holiday Here comes the end of the big moving. You finally unpacked everything and your new home looks beautiful and cosy, all your stuff is on its place and your family is happy but really tired. You can surprise them by arranging a small holiday as an...
Your winter garden stuff If you are living in a beautiful home and have created your garden inside-this is wonderful. But here comes the time that you are moving to a new home and it's tragedy for the garden because is really complicated ,but not impossible to move it to...
Your valuables Moving sometimes might be not so safe for you. Not that someone will robe you but you will found yourself in a big mess. There may cause a moment that you cannot find some of your stuff. This may caused you troubles when concerning your values....
Going abroad If you are going abroad moving your stuff in a new country is already a fact you have to live with. Of course that may be a little hell during the house moving process but leave this job to us. When you realize and decide the new country you are...
Move your computer Moving your computer is not a complicated action but you should observe some rules in reason to avoid any damage on your machine. First of all it is good to make a copy of all the information in your hard disk to CD-s-this will prevent you and...
What about the patio You are obviously moving house and it is hard for you to say "Goodbye" to your beautiful garden and pool. You have been making this heaven for so long time and now all the circumstances shows that you have to leave this place. It is good that...
Before you move out your old home Moving is not just all about packing and, taking care of other moving related tasks. There are numerous things that you also should do before you move out of your old home as well. One of the most important tasks that you should take care of...
Moving overseas               If you are planning on Moving overseas, there are numerous things you should know about when it comes to moving your personal belongings to an abroad destination....
Moving a garage or shed   There is no doubt that every family living in big house has its own garage or shed with too much stuff in it.If you have the same or similar place to move out you should follow some steps in packing and moving your instuments,mower,tools...
What about moving your library If you have a library then, you’ll need to know about how you will move all your books when it comes to your moving day. Moving your library is a simple task if it is handled correctly. One of the first things you should do when you are preparing...
Moving your plants You love your house plants and flowers - but you are moving house!What you can do?!Move them too. Some flowers  ,especially domestic need special carries.It is a risk to move them from the atmosphere they used to grow in but if you...
Moving your pets Most people have their favourite pets at home.If one day you decide to move you should provide them the best way to survive during the moving process., First of all you shuld supply with study pet carrier.This will ensure your pets' comfort...
How to pack the wine Packing fragile items such as wine bottles should be done correctly in order to ensure that the wine bottles are protected during the moving process. Wine bottles should always be packed in a separate removal box. This will ensure that in the...