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David M.
Professional, efficient and friendly
Sarah F.
The two movers turned up on time & were very helpful & efficient. I would be h..
Guillaume B.
Very good and diligent service
Sonya J.
Brilliant two guys we had. They worked so hard and were so polite. Lovely to b..
Nick B.
Have used Removal Company several times now, and have always been impressed with t..
Nick B.
Viktor and Imi were there on time, and set about the job straight away, and we..
Kristina P.
The team you sent to me were great and incredibly hard working. They treated m..
Trudie F.
I found the removal team very hard working despite having to deal with stairs ..
Paul W.
Great service - helpful and supportive throughout!
Katryna T.
Excellent team - they worked really hard and were a pleasure to have around. T..


Archive for February, 2009

Season survival kit You certainly have to prepare a survival kit for your journey to the new place.It can be one or several.It depends on you and your family needs and of course the space at the car boot.Have in mind that when you are preparing the kit and...
Pcking your shoes Packing your shoes is a similar to the other way of packing your clothes,carpets and any other type of your household.It is recommended to clean them well before start packing.Select some pairs for the garage sale or for a donation.Tie them...
Music theraphy Music theraphy.Why not?!It is relaxing and makes you smile.Correct and a good choice to have fun while moving.You can sellect the songs according all your family preferences for styles.Do not listen to a slow and sleepy music.This will loose...
Plan your flight You are moving to a long distance and should prepare for this advanture.Hiring a moving company is compulsory.It is your duty to organize the move of your family.The most popular,easy and fast way is booking a flight.If you have allready pointed...
Family and Friends Packing yourself and handling with do-it-yourself service is a good decision if your move bidget is not so high.Here you will need the help of your family ,friends and neigbours.Follow some organization plan in advance and inform them that...
More packing tips Packing is tha part which will takes most of your time to handle with.Try to be organized and sometimes to be an inventor.Reaching the bedrooms you will need time and nerves to fold all your cloths,pack them in plastic bags  (in reason to...
The sofa A new sofa in the living room is a good and fresh investment concerning your new or old home.Nevermind what you are buyin there is no doubt that you have to remove the old one.If it happens to buy a new sofa or a new kitchen table with some...
Use coverage All the boxes that you have prepared to be loaded in the moving truck should be prevented from an outside and inside influence.This means that you have to use a cover for them.Not only on the top but at the bottom too.Ask the mover if they can...
Labels and inscription Labels and the inscriptions on them are one of the most important phase in your move.You should try to write the names of the labels with readable and capital letters in reason the movers not to loose time trying to fix what is that for.If you...
Journey Moving abroad is a great challenge and experience for you and your family.There is now way to handle by yourself so choose your full-service mover.Arrange the whole moving process moths in advance.Ensure yourself that you will have enough time...
Use the blog info Surfing in the internet is the most simple thing which 90% of the people use to do every day.Playing,reading,writing and getting information.That's right-information.This is its leading role.You will certainly make an investigation before...
Ventilate Certainly you should clean after the movers do their job and before your leave your old home.Cleaning with detergents sometimes brings your home a mix of fragrances which might not be acceptable for everyone.If you have an appointment with a...
Your hobbies If you like knitting,sewing,scrapbooking or collection different items you should think for your materials and crafts.Firts of all collect them  together and decide how to pack them.You can use the theme principle-distribute them into...
Control and check Contol and check are important points for one perfect and smooth going move.This is not only about you but for everyone involved.When you finished with your moving checklist you can contact your moving company and ask them if there is something...
Loading Loading is an integral part of your move.If you allready hired a moving company to do all instead of you -you do not need to have any knowledge concerning the loading procedure.Movers will hande with it as it is a part of their job.But if...