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The sofa


A new sofa in the living room is a good and fresh investment concerning your new or old home.Nevermind what you are buyin there is no doubt that you have to remove the old one.If it happens to buy a new sofa or a new kitchen table with some pretty wood chairs you will need to have a free space for them.We will help you in this.The only thing you should do is to contact us with the measurements and some dicstiprion of the items you would like to remove,your address and the new location of your old items.If you want you can clean them or dismantle them according their scheme,if not we will advice you what to do.This can be a great surprise for you friends living down at the suburbs or your old parents.Have in mind that you should provide the movers a free way to remove your items.Fix a date and time according your and the mover's schedule and your items will be removed from a great professionals.



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