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Last visit


One of the points which have to be included in your moving checklkist is Last vist.Where?!Of course that this is connected with your health,insurance,school schedule , your lifestyle.

You are listed in the your local doctor and dentist chart and you were paying your health insurance regularly so you can use all the services they are providing for last time before you move to your new place.

Your children are sill visiting their old school and if they are interested in some special classes -art,sport or something else-let them do this lessons.You cannot be sure that they will enjoy  doing the same classes in their new school.

Te beauty shop placed near the  market place is one of the spots where you are regular visitor.The people working their know you pretty well,they know even your habbits and the way of walking,smiling.Go there for last time.Have your last make up,hairdress,manicure and have your great time with your neighbours.

If you or someone of your family is a member of the local chest ,women or other club-it is a good idea to organize a party for last time and have fun with your friends there.

All the above will make you better person in other's people mind and they will always smile when talking about you and your family.

Don't forget to thank all these people for the great time you have with them during all the years you were living there.



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