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The bills


Payment of all the bills connected with your household should be an important point in your moving checklist.There might be a possibility to pay all your bills in advance.This is in case if you will move too far from your old place of living.If you miss this point there is always a chance to hanlde later.You can arrange the payment by a bank remittance or via your credit card.But this will cost you time and filling of some pappers and payment orders.In reason to avoid this situation  be sure that you have paid everything on time.Make a list with all the bills.In this way you will not forget anything.Include in the list the main expenses which you have each month ,such as:

-electricity,gas,water,phone,cabel TV,internet

After that you can check your health and socila insurance and if you there is some affiliation fee-include this as a position for payment in your list.

Check if you have paid all the taxes concerning your abode,children's school taxes.Don't forget the fees and payments for your car,including the insurance.

If you have some additional expenses-such as bank-credits or mortgage-check if you have paid all them,if not do this.

Payment of the bills is realy important because after you move  you will change your address and if you didn't pay your old bills and inform the isntitutes for your new address -there is no chance to receive your old bills at your new home.It will also cost you time and money to go back at your location and manage with old payments.

It is good to have everything clear and finished before your move.



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