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Planning each step of your move is the best way to remain organized leading up to your moving day. There are numerous moving related tasks that you need to take care of. Your week by week checklist should act as a detailed guideline about all the tasks you need to complete before your move happens. Some of these tasks may require detailed planning whilst other tasks can be handled quickly. Following a checklist of all the things you need to do before your move will guarantee that you will be prepared for your moving day. Before you create a moving checklist, you should confirm the date of your move. This way you will be able to plan each step of your move leading up to your moving date more easily. Your checklist should include week by week tasks that need to be completed before your move takes place. A good moving checklist should include things like taking care of key exchanges. This task should be treated as a priority and, it should be included in the first week of your checklist. Knowing when they key exchange will take place will help you to schedule your other moving related tasks more efficiently, during the weeks leading up to your move you will be able exchange keys quickly and, easily without having to worry about making any more arrangements. 
Another task that should be part of your checklist at this early stage is packing. This task can be very time consuming, so, you should add this task to your checklist in advance which will save you lots of time as well. The first week of your moving checklist should also include obtaining removal materials like boxes. Every move requires these items, so, the sooner you are able to obtain them-the better! If your move requires storage units, you should also add making arrangements for this task to be completed as early as possible. For this reason, it is also important to take care of packing your personal belongings in advance, so, if you will need storage units-all of your belongings will already be packed up and, ready to be transferred into these units! Other important moving related tasks are notifying your bank about your change of address. You should notify your gas, electric and, telephone company about your new address as well. Including these tasks on your week by week moving checklist as soon as possible is highly recommended. The next few weeks of your moving checklist should involve things like reserving a parking space for your removal van, packing important documents and, taking care of any last minute tasks you may have left off your checklist as well. 
Planning your move on a week by week basis will help you to keep track of your move easily. As the weeks progress, you�ll find that maintaining a moving checklist is very handy! Moving can be stressful, so, having a checklist to refer to is the best way to ensure that you will be able to keep track of all of your moving related tasks easily. Moving can be chaotic at times, so, you will be doing yourself a huge favour by following your own moving checklist! Arranging your move using a planning guide is the best way to guarantee that you won�t forget to do anything before your moving date. You can also use a moving checklist to remind you to book your removal van-this is something you should add to the first part of your checklist as well! When the date of your move finally happens, you will be relaxed and, stress-free because you have followed your moving checklist.


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