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Children can help you moving their stuff



You are moving and one of the most complicated stuff for you is the kids room.

Don�t despair! The kids will help you.

If you have already talk with them about the moving and all pluses and minuses then is supposed that your kids would be happy to help you in this action.

The only thing that you can ask them is to collect all their stuff in separate pales according the stuff.

For example: The big brother will prepare for packing all his �precious� stuff really carefully-the computer, the sound system, the CD and magazine collection.In this way everything will be ready and you have only to pack and put a lable  on the box.

Your small daughter will be smiling while gathering all her dolls, toys and books.

The kids will be very precise in collecting all their stuff because they will be happy everything to be moved safety in the new place.

This will help you to pack and move the kids room without any problems,but with smile!



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