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Moving your pets


Most people have their favourite pets at home.If one day you decide to move you should provide them the best way to survive during the moving process.,

First of all you shuld supply with study pet carrier.This will ensure your pets' comfort during the travel.

There are different pets' carriers.Depending on the pet of course.

If you have a cat and planning to move go to pet store and buy the most stable carrier for her/him.

This is not the good solution ,because this carrier is for trip during the day and holding it by hand but not put it in the car ot truck (if using  a removal company)


This is one of the best cat carrier you can use


If you have to move with your big buddy -Ricky-your old dog it will be easier because he has his own manners and there will be no need to put him in a carrier.But if you have small dog who is still not trained to be among people and different atmosphere -you should supply with a carrier most safety and comfortable for him.

After you allready have supplied with carriers you have arrange pet's new ID according your new address.Before showing the carrier to your pet's eye you might speak with your veterinarian for the pet's possible behaviour.

In the day of moving you have to put the pet's carrier in a safety and ventilated place in your car or truck.

To move together with your pet will be easy if it's dog or cat,but of you have fishes it will be more complicated.

Below some moving advices:

-supply with bags ( as big as space in your car/truck permit) or bucket cooler,qubber bands and stress coat (to cover the tank during the moving in reason your fish not to sea the different environment they should travell through)

-if you are planning a long move you can get a battery powered pumps and oxygen releasing stoms)

-be sure that the tank you will use take as much water as your acquarium

-last day pack them in small bare tank and pointed as last to load and first to unpack



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