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Moving your plants


You love your house plants and flowers - but you are moving house!What you can do?!Move them too.

Some flowers  ,especially domestic need special carries.It is a risk to move them from the atmosphere they used to grow in but if you allready decided it you have to be really careful.

Take the plant and clean it from all the weed -if there is some.Use a special small spade to take it out of the plant pot.Be careful with the roots to not cut them and  damage the plant.Dig the soil in a circle around the pot and take out the plant with hands.

After you take it out of the flower pot take a special bag and put inside only the soil wiht roots without the stems and leaves.Put the plants in a box ,close it and make an air holes in reason the plants not to die during the move.It is recomended to put the plants in your car but not in the moving van.Unpacked them as soon as possible after you arrive at your new place.

If everyhing is ok you will keep on enjoying your house plants at your new home.




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