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What about the patio


You are obviously moving house and it is hard for you to say "Goodbye" to your beautiful garden and pool. You have been making this heaven for so long time and now all the circumstances shows that you have to leave this place. It is good that you have been taking care of the patio for long time but you can help the new owners to prolong your work.

If you are planning to sell your house you can explain the real estate agent for this gorgeous patio you have. This will increase the price of your house.

If you already know the new owners you can give them useful advice how to organize and maintain their work. All this is a plus for you and your family.

You will know that this beautiful place you made will be hold up in a proper way and on the other hand you will earn more money from the sale. If you have a pool and already know how it is sustained you may pass this information to the new people. If you also have a good pool specialist give them his contact details.

Have in mind all the above mentioned it seems not so bad that you are leaving your patio and moving out!



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