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Move your computer


Moving your computer is not a complicated action but you should observe some rules in reason to avoid any damage on your machine. First of all it is good to make a copy of all the information in your hard disk to CD-s-this will prevent you and your personal information out of any eventual damage. Keep the CD-s in a special CD bag you can also label them with special pen in reason to know the content of each CD. Second of all try to collect all peripheral parts of the computer such as : mouse, cables, keyboard, printer, camera, microphone, any other connected devices.

It is recommended to keep them together -best in one big box using some padding material. The size of the box is important if you have the original box it will be best to use it, if not find a box with the similar sizes.

Computer meaning hard disk panel and the monitor should be kept in the safest way. The monitor have to be covered with a special cloth, padding material is good to be used to.

Labels are compulsory. You can also use the special label "Fragile" - ask local removal companies for advice.

All documents concerning this expensive machinery should be in the boxes too /manuals, guarantees and invoices /. This will help you in case of some damage of the computer during the removing process.



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