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The evening after the moving


It ends.The day of the moving day i shistory for you.Certainly this was a very importnat and emotional moment fro you and your family.But this is not the end of your life-no,everythinsg should go on.For sure there are some particular steps that you should observe during your whole life.This is the things from life.Her comes the question which are the most important tning that you will need for the first night in your new place.These are the samples items you can't live without with.Be sure that you have packed these items as first to be unpacked.Below is the list with the necessary items which will provide you comfort and one really calm night in your new place:

-firts think to find oout in the boxes is your bathoroom bag-but not your personnel but the bag for all your fanily-soaps,shampoos,make up,other stuff.This bag will be not usefull if you forget to put in the toilet papper and the towels

-sometimes women cannot survive without their hair-dryer;if your daughter is pedantic for her hais or you yourself need it don't forget to packed in the most reachable box in reason to be easy to put it out when necessary

-clothes-if the next day you are at work you have to think this before arriving at your new home;a suit packing bag with your working dress is the perfect solution for this situation;the same for your kisd uniform for school and your husband's suit

-sheets,blankets and pillows for have a good sleep during your firts night in your new place

-have in mind that sleeping is the most good way to have your rest but if the next day is working one and the fatigue makes you more sleepy you should have your alarm clock close to you

-some sample food for dinner and for breakfast;coffee,sugar -you can use some plastic plates and cups and put them for garbage in the morning

It's really recommende to think about this first night.



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