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Good manners


Moving process is not only the labour , loading and discharging boxes.It is not laso just to pack,label and make the inventory list for your stuff.There are also manners in communicating with the people.And in this case it will be necessary to contact with.You have to make several meetings with an agent from the moving company you have selected.You have to be polite and good mannered.All the points in your moving checklist are too much and you are thinking all the time that there is no way to manage on time with all this.This will make you nervous and there is a possibilty to show your bad site in front of the people you are talking with.This should not happen-it is out of the good manner.If you are tired and sick of all which is happening around you ,if you are getting depressed because the time is not enough (as usual) ,if you want to scream in mover's face that you want everything to be faster-don't do this for no reason.This behaviour is not at all the correct one.If you feel that you are going to explode from the big pressure you get in the last days-just have a rest,go to a spa-centre,go to a dinner with your family or friends and relax.Get a good sleep and in the morning be fresh,ready for challanges and smile.This will be better for you and all people around you.If you risk to be rough and nervous during an important meeting with your movers -this may cause you too much.Be polite and honest,smile and have good manner.This will bring you positive feelings and you will not have any problems with managing your moving.



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