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Confirmation is an essential point from the moving process.This is not a point in your moving checkilist but it is a serious condition which you have to observe.Nevermind if your are signing or discussing something with the movers,finally you have to know that each your request and their reply is confirmed.

All the points in your moving checklist should be confirmed-from you yourself,from the movers or from persons responsible for this.Each step is a subject of someone's confirmation.Everything which have a confirmed status is a result for you and this means one successful step ahead.

Sometimes it is necessary to have the confirmation you need in written form.This is in force for the contracts you have to receive from the movers,documents which are connected mainly with your household,your insurance policy too.

When you have allready received all the confirmed written forms you need for the moving you have to check them  again.It often happens to appear some technical or grammar mistakes,of even some articles missing.If there are such mistake they should be compulsory corrected because there might be a problem with the validity.




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