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It is almost compulsory to have a moving budget.You have to aware of what money you will spend for the moving process.You can make a list with all the expenses you will have to do during your move.There will be points which are not only connected with the move ,but with youe house,children,work.

At first place you can put your household bills which are unevitable even you intent to move.These are all house taxes,utilities ,rent,deposits and all the bills for the services you are using.Taxes for the kids,the car fuel and all other things that you are paying during the month or even every day.

Second you can leave some money for an unforeseen situations which my arise during your last month before the move.

Next and  important place is for the  money you can spend for your move.The list with the expenses for the moving process will include the estimation you will receive from the moving company,packing supplies cost,food and drinks for the movers.

Last point is to think for the expenses during the travelling with your own car to the new place you are moving in.The cost will depend on the distance you are going to.You will need money for meals,fuel,magazines,road taxes,hotels.

All the above are the points you have to observe and obviously things that will happen durng your move.And finally these are the thing you will give money for.Your moving budget is done-try to observe it.



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