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As you allready known moving process is a longterm one.It cannot happen just like this.You have to arrange,plan and perform each task from your checklist.You have to make appointments with your moving agent,you have to calculate by yourself each cost and be careful what will be included in your inventory list and the estimation given from the movers.You have too many reasons to worry about,to be nervous because of the time,to be in a bad mood if something is not as you have planned it to be.In this case you have to be really patient.Patience is the key of your success.If you meet some misunderstandings in your contract with the movers,be polite and wait for the movers to explain you and clarify all the articles."Take" your patience with you if you have to manage with some delays ,with the busy traffic in the town or with some heavy packing.Do not hesitate to expose your request in front of the moving company and if something bothers you it is good to be solved on time.



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