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The cost and all kind of payments concerning your move depend ot that who is aware with your move.If your working company will handle with all the charges you have to keep all the receipts you will receive during the moving process.To ensure that you will not miss one organize a keep-system.Make a list with all the payments you are making and tick off at the one side if you have a receipt or not.If you are buying something make sure that the store can give you an receipt.Do not buy any supplies from a garage sale or a bazar-you will not recive an official payment document there.All the time when you do your shopping have in mind that your boss will pay for this-don't spend money for some useless stuff.You have to honest and precise on everything you are giving money for.

If the move depends on your own budget it is good to know where you have spent your money.This will be easier if you keep all the receipts at your hands.Sometimes a receipt can be use as a gurantee card.If you bought something and it is not working at firts attempt you will need a receipt to make a claim and receive a new one from the store.



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