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Hire a maid



After you have finished with the unpacking everything will be full of boxes,adhesive tapes and dust.You will be tired to manage with the cleaning and all the cares which will be necessary for your new home.Go ahead and hire a maid or housekeeper.You can investigae th local cleaning service companies and choose one of them.Check in internet or via phone call with their office if they are legal registered and have all the necessary licences to do this job.Lokk for some reviews from other customers,ratings will help you too.When you have allready decide which will be  your cleanig company you can arrange and appointment to choose your maid.Ask for a short autobiografy of her and some recommendations.You have to provide some information concerning your home and the kind of work to be done there.When everything is ok you can give your adrress to the cleaning company and they will send the maid you chose.

Take a rest and enjoy your free time.The maid will take care for your new home.



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