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To move a wood item is difficult task and everone who intent to do this should follow some steps in reason to protect it.Nevermind if you are moving a table,drawer,wardrobe or small drawer you should dismantle it.While doing this it is good to have prepared bags and labels.Everything when you put a piece out of its place put it in a bag and write the exact name and exact placement in the main structure.This will save you time when you unpack and joint your wardrobe for example.When you finished with the small joints like screw bolts,connections and adapters you should take care for the bigger wood plates.In reason to protect them from any sketches and further damage during the move you should find a proper coverage for the polished surface.This can be a blanket,linens or big textile cloths.Make sure that you have covered the whole surface of the place.Do not use bubble wrap direclty on the surface.Bubble wrap have a big percentage of rubbing opitons while moving and this will scribble all over the polished surface of your wood plate.Protect the drawers with twine or use folded towels.



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