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Moving your sofa out


To move your sofa is a hard task but you will manage with some hints and help.Measurements are the main factor in this situation..Before to start pushing the sofa out of the door be sure that you have enough space.Take the sofa's lenght,width and height and compare them with the door's one.If you don't have enough place remove the sofa's legs (if possible) and the door too.Take away the cushions and pack them in plastic bags or use a garbage sack.You may also use special bags with zippers which have size and shape according the cushion's one.Some of them have holders.The sofa should be in a horizontal position (if the door is wide enough).If not turn it to a vertical position and push from the bottom.Sometimes the weight is importnat too.Because of that you will need two ot three assistants.Have in mind that there should be no obstacles at your road.If your sofa is at the second floor ,do not forget the stairs.Be carful when goind trough stairs and narrow hallways.If the sofa is put over a carpet-remove the carpet before the move and try no to damage the floor.You may also use special board and make the sliding of the sofa easier.



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