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Loading is an integral part of your move.If you allready hired a moving company to do all instead of you -you do not need to have any knowledge concerning the loading procedure.Movers will hande with it as it is a part of their job.But if do-it-yourself service is involved in your move you should load all your boxes,boards,heavy and fragile items by your own.You will need some help-ask some friends to for help.Remember that loading into the moving truck is not just to throw inside all the boxes and other your stuff.You have to arrange the boxes and everything that will be inside the moving truck according some features:




-large and small size.

While packing you can separate all the boxes according these features above.Do this for each room you are packing.Then it will be easy to put in order each of them in the truck.Before you start loading try to find ramp and dolly.You can ask the truck company of they can offer you to rent them just for the moving day.Put them at the back of the truck and use it to transfer the boxes from your home,in the dolly and then to the truck.You can make a chain process using your friend's help.Clarify the positions and start.Ware gloves while loading the boxes.The first row inside the truck should be steady and reliable.Try not to leave empty spaces because this will cause damages.The boxes should not hit each other.No soft,fragile or liquid items at the first row.Second row should be according the first one and its content.After you finish arrange a double protection of your stuff using big plastic sheets as coverage.



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