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Certainly you should clean after the movers do their job and before your leave your old home.Cleaning with detergents sometimes brings your home a mix of fragrances which might not be acceptable for everyone.If you have an appointment with a potential buyers one of them might have an allergy to home dust and this will be a minus for you.The content of some of the detergents or solutions you made use are strong and don't have soften flavour then the air inside your home will be not healthy for breathing .To avoid all the above situations you can just vanetilate your home.Open the windows and let the fresh air flow inside.Nevermind which season is and of it is rainy or sunny.Do not leave the windows too long time-try to keep a good temperature at the rooms.You can also open the doors of the closet,garage,loft and basement (if any).Fresh air inside your home is a serious plus for your and for the new owners.Remember to use some special aroma devices.Put a vase with flowers in the kitchen and do not smoke inside.



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