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Move the presents

To move get in order all the christmas presents is a good idea.You may call this actin internal one.For sure you have collected two ot three the same things during the years.And all the time during the year you are trying to find them the corret place.The loft  is a good place for them or the closet.If you have three the same christmas sweaters from your aunts it is not necessary all of them to take space in your wardrobe.Use just the one of them,pack the other in bags,put some moth-balls between them and up at the loft.You can do the same with all your stuff which is more than one.You may ask why you should do all this and even after each Christmas?!Because this will help you to have more space,to know where your stuff is and finally to have it ready for moving if you decide to.So the internal moving might be one of the points you could include in your moving checklist.

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