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Not for storage


Storage is a good decision if you have some time till the moving and not all can wait to the exact date.When you decide to give some of your stuff to a storage  you have to look out what is suitable for long term standing there.There will be no problem for the furniture,big kitchen appliances (good cleaned and packed),some of the kids stuff like bycicle,toys and books.Certainly there are a lot of items which is not recommended at all to be left at the storage.This genarally depends on the term of expiry of their prescription.Have in mind that food,drinks,tinned and all kind of preserved food have strictly marked prescroption on their labels.It is  the same with your pet's food.Check the lable and look for the date of expiry.

You can also check the prescriptions of your make up.If you have a huge collection of aerosols,parfums,foams there is no need to put them for trash.You can see if they will stay useful till the date of moving ,pack them,lable them and send the box in the storage.

Whatever you have decided to send to a storage make sure that you made a list with your inventory.You can also put a papper with the list for each box.This will ensure you that everything will be there when you need it to be moved at your new place.



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