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Your stemware collection is one of the most beautiful  in the shelf in your living room. So shining ,luxury looking and unfortunately easy breakable.If you don't have a special box with velvet inside to protect them during the moving you are taking on be sure that you packed them in the most safe way.

Before manage with the packing supply yourself with protective paper and some patience because this is a process you have to in calm condition and no shivering of the hands.Don't be in a hurry because in one moment you can drop the glass and brake it.It is also your choice if you want to clean or polish them before the packing.So here comes the moment of the packing.Take a glass and wrap it carefuly with the protective paper.First wind the stem with paper and go on the top.Then keep wrapping till the goblet.Stick the rest of the paper inside the goblet.First is done.Do the same with each pice of your stemware.Use a box with padding material inside and more on the bottom.Don't leave the glasses to touch each other -this may cause damages if the protective paper brakes during the moving.Don't fill the box till the top with your stemware.Make a place wich to fill with padding material.If some other box falls over this one the padding will protect your collection.


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