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Christmas decoration


Christmas decoration is one of the most breakable items which you have to pack.Of course there is another option and it's to make a present to the local school or kindergarden or give it to friends and neighbours.It all depends on your choice.But if finaly there are some red,shining balls which are romantic memmory for you ,there is no other way then to risk and pack them.The packing of the christmas decoration is not only to be carful not to damage or even broke it.It is such a mess and so much shining elements around on the floor,the carpet and on the coach cover.Byt it's part of your life till now so there is no reason to neglect them.If you used to keep all the original packing stuff of what you've bought this will be a plus for you.You can simply put the christmas balls in their small but safe boxes and wrap them with some paper.It will be not so easy if you have no original boxes.Be sure that you have to find or buy small boxes with lids.Use a padding material on the bottom of each box before laying the balls in.Wrap each ball with  protective and thicker paper and put in the box.Spread the padding among the balls in reason to be blocked and not to have any chance to move even the moving truck is zig-zaging in the traffic.Do the same with the figurines and other toys which you use to decorate the christmas tree.It will be easier to pack the garlands and the big toys made of paper or colored folio.Fold them and put in a plastic bag,tie the bag and label it-if transperent it will be not necessary because you can see what is inside.The Christmas tree migh be artificial and if you have such one you can dismantle it and put in bag togther with all its pieces.Use a big and steady new box to collect inside the small boxes and the bags with your christmas decoration.Put the bags with the garlands on the bottom because they are soft and will protect the small boxes with the christmas balls from any damagy.Label the box with Fragile and Christmas decoration.Also inform the movers not to put on this box any other.



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