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What to do with the hangers?


You have already separated by seasons and use, put in nylon bags with adhesive lines, packed in boxes all your garments. This is really good work.Labels are correct, the boxes are stiched in the proper way and you seem to be ready with your wardrobe.

Take a look inside.What you see are only too many hangers just dangling in the empty wardrobe.What to do with them?!This is not so serious problem but you should definetely find them a place.First opportunity is to collect them all, put them in a big black sack and take it out for recycling.This is pretty good ecological decision.But if your intetion is to pack them and move them to your new home the black sack will be useless.Gather them one by one and arranage them in pales (not too big).Wrap  each pale with papper adhesive in reason the hangers to stay together.After this use a simple box and put them inside.There will be also enough free space between them so you can use it for some textile items,sheets,pillows.Label them and also mark that this boxes are Not heavy.This instruction will show the movers that they could not put no heavy boxes over these.If they don't know what is inside there is a risk the boxes to be creased and the items inside damaged.


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