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Cleaning stuff


Lumber room  is the place  where you keep all your stuff which your guest should not see when coming for a sunday dinner.But this room is the safe of so many things.Toys,old things,your golf sticks,the tenis set and your cleaning stuff.All the detergents,spongues,towels,cloths,pails,mops,broom and dust-pan.Even the vacuum machine and dust cloths.You use all these tools almost every day and they take an inmortant part in your life.

Second sceene where they are involved is in your moving.Yes you are going to move and you should pack even the lumber room.There is no problem with for other stuff but detergents and all kinds of preparations are not always allowed to be inside the moving van.First of all try not to buy huge quantities of dry and liquid deretgents.Your task is to minimize their quantity in the closet and finally the last day before the moving date just to collect the empty phials and put in the garbage.But if there is something left it is good not to keep it anymore.Second contact your moving agent and ask for some information concerning detergents and what are the law permitions and prohibitions.

The mops,pails and the broom are tools which you can easy replace with new one.So don't loose more time to think where to put them among the packed boxes and all your stuff.But if you have just a new mop or pail and want to keep it be sure to pack it safe.First of all it should be perfectly cleaned and dry.After that you can use some plastic foil to pack it.Use two -layer papper to cover it.



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