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Labels and inscription


Labels and the inscriptions on them are one of the most important phase in your move.You should try to write the names of the labels with readable and capital letters in reason the movers not to loose time trying to fix what is that for.If you are in a hurry and a day before the movers to come do not mess the boxes from one to another room.This will confuse you and you may miss to label a box or to put the worng label.Finish with one room ,put the labels and double-check if you have marked "Fragile","Heavy" or if the list with the content is missing.Another important inscription on your labes is First or Last to unpack.This is an instruction for the movers when they are arranging the boxes in the moving van.If you have forgotten the list with the content -don't worry ,you will check while unpacking.But if you remember what is inside the box you can quickly write it down.If you are higly precise and checking what the movers are loading you can mark with a black or coloured marker a X on the box and tick it off in your list.Ask the movers to order the boxes with the labels in front because this will help you to unload room by room.



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