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More packing tips


Packing is tha part which will takes most of your time to handle with.Try to be organized and sometimes to be an inventor.Reaching the bedrooms you will need time and nerves to fold all your cloths,pack them in plastic bags  (in reason to prevent them from outside influence) and after all this to arrange their poper order in the boxes or suitcases.To avoid this and to save some esteemed time you can use direclty the wardrobes.Remember that you will move them too-so why to leave them empty.Yes ,leave your clothes inside.But ensure the safe of your wardrobes.Make sure that nothing is appearing from inside and that the doors are closed well.Wrap the knobs with a rope and tie them.This will not allow the doors to open during the travel.Inform  the moving team that your wardrobes are full inside.Cover them with a plastic or textile sheet and use a cardboard from below.This will act like prevent the wood pieces from skretches and will make the move easier.If the movers want to use the wardrobes to act like a platformm for the other boxes you should use a cardboard fro the top too.



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