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Roll on


The roll on techniques is generally applies while packing carpets ,rags,drapers and curtains.This is a simple method which can save you space in the boxes and which gives you the opportunity to arrange your items in better and safe place.If you ahve a free space in the fragile box but you cannot put inside your blanket folded -you ca simply roll it on and push inside the hole.This will prevet your breakable items and the blanket will find its best place.You can roll on your towels and use it like a preventive material in the box corners.The advantage of the rolled on items is that you can place it everywhere and both vertical and horizontal.When you are packing the cutlery in the kitchen you can put them inside the rolled on table cover or a thick towel.This will hide the sharp edges of the items and also will prevent them from moisture and rust after that.Rolled on clothes are also easy to be placed in.Have in mind that it is not good to use this method for some textile made of special materials.They will wrinkle too much and ironing will be too difficult.



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