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Here comes the end of the big moving. You finally unpacked everything and your new home looks beautiful and cosy, all your stuff is on its place and your family is happy but really tired. You can surprise them by arranging a small holiday as an award of all their work and nerves during the moving process. You can look for some suitable place around your new home which is good for your family picnic.

Also arrange all you need for this. Do it without ask your family for help in reason to be a real surprise. The other opportunity is to call to the local tourist agency and ask them for some offers for the weekend.

Find a place hitch will be good for both your wife/husband and have enough entertainment for the kids. This might be a small village house or a hut n the near mountain. If you want noise and parties you can choose some hotel with a special program during the weekend. You can also organize a trip to some landmark.


This will a real rest for you and your family after the hurry, packing and all the mess during the movies and it will be also a good chance to know the places around your new home.



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