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If you are using do-it yourself system you have to belive in your own skills.Yes,you will manage with the packing and organizing anyway.A few friends around will help you with the loading and discharging of the boxes.But remember that when you have to handle with everything concerning your move this means to observe each small details and not to forget the important points from your moving checklist.

For example to be your move end to end finished you have to rent a moving van  and hire a driver.If your budget do not allows you to have a driver for the truck you yourself will be the driver.You need to be sure that you know how to operate with such kind of vehicle.Have in mind that this is not just another class of cars,but a serious big machine.Some companies offer trucks with power steering and brakes ,other do not.An automatic transmission could be available or not.Most of the trucks are top heavy and must be driven slower and the bracking distances are larger.It may happen to have some problems with the manoeuvres and the parking.

You should aslo have in mind that your auto insurance policy may not cover damage to a rental truck or accidents.You should also know that larger truck may require the driver to possess a special driver's license depending on the jurisdiction  tan is required to operate a car or a small truck.



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