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Do Not Fall into the Hands of the Moving Scammers: Discover the Ways


Scams are very rampant to happen these days. Even if you are just moving, you are also prone to scams particularly if you are going to get the service of professional movers. So to spare you from any possible regret, you should be aware on how to identify the moving scam.

The following presents some of the few guidelines to help you avoid from being scammed when moving:

  Do not hire the services offered by a moving company that base their pricing on cubic feet.

Once you encounter this, you can be certain that it is a scam since pricing is usually based on weight instead of the amount of space that will be consumed in the truck.
  Verify the reputation of the company. Use the Internet to see if there are some negative feedbacks that have been posted referring to the moving company you are prospecting to hire.
  Obtain your estimates personally.

Avoid getting price quotes on the Internet, instead get it in person. Take note, movers cannot provide you an accurate cost if they will not see the amount of job to be done. So if a moving company is not able to come to your place in person to do the estimate, go to another option.

These are only some pointers that you can remember in order to avoid from being scammed. But the best thing you can do is to stay vigilant when making a deal, especially when you are dealing with money involved.  


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