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Reasons to Buy Instead of Renting a House


After a long years of stay, you now need to be independent, leave you parent’s house and be on your own. But one consideration you should keep in mind before you leave: will you rent or buy a house?

For young people like you, renting can be the easiest way out. You just need some cash to pay for the landlord and you can already have a place to stay in. But aside from that, renting has no more other better reasons why you should choose it over buying a house.

Buying your own house is like putting your money to an important investment. In renting, you just make your landlord rich without considering for your future.

You see, renting is like wasting your money in the trashcan. You pay monthly for something that will never be yours.

Comparably, buying a house will require you paying monthly also.

That is, if you take in a mortgage to have your house. The amount is almost the same with renting, making buying always a better option than renting.

Aside from that, if you own a house, you have the right to stay there for as long as you want. Renting, on the other hand, needs a year-per-year contract, which means that your landlord may decide one day that you can’t rent the house anymore for the next contact. What about the sentimental value of the house and the memories you built in there?

That is why if you are torn between renting and buying, just opt to buying a house if you can. It’s always a better investment than renting. Even your parents will agree that it is.


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