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Helping Kids Adjust To A Move


During a move, it’s always best to consider the feelings of your kids, as they can give you a harder time if they feel that both you and the move is unfair to them.

It’s important to always talk to your kids early and tell them your plans so they get used to the idea. Try explaining your reasons to them in terms they can understand. As an adult, the burden of making them understand, as well as understanding what they feel lies with you. You should listen to your kids carefully and promptly address any issues they have.

You can also throw a going away party for younger kids to that they can have a big bash to enjoy with the friends whom they’ll be leaving behind.

This will also cement the idea they will be leaving, as the going away will be the reason for the said party.

You can also encourage your kids by showing them what they can enjoy at their new home. Pictures of nearby parks and school facilities may encourage them further and make them more amenable to the move.

When you get to your new place, try to look for signs that your kids are having problems and gently approach and talk to them about it. Do not just dismiss them just because they are young. Your kids need to feel that you are all in the move together so they won’t feel alone and left behind.


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