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Informing, Cleaning, and Preparing for the Move


Moving can be as easy as 1-2-3 if you follow informing, cleaning, and preparing. These are the most important things you have to do for a successful moving. But the question is, how to make all these things in proper order.

1. Informing. Do your friends, neighbors, and family know that you are moving? Then better inform them about your new address. You don’t actually have to go to their houses and give them a small paper where you address is written on.

You can just send them email or post in your FaceBook that you are moving and give them your new address there.

Inform clubs, magazine subscription, banks, post office, and your services providers about your moving. If they can, you can ask them to install the same services to your new address. If not, then just tell them to cut off their services after your moving day.

2. Cleaning.

Whether you own your old space or not, cleaning is always an important thing you can do. Besides, cleaning is required by the landlord or landlady if you are just renting the space. Cleaning will even be more important if you own the house and plan to sell it.

3. Preparation. Make sure that everything that you need like the key, insurances, documents, food, etc. are all ready for your moving. Prepare other necessary activities for the moving also like hiring a moving company, packing your things, or preparing the new house.

So there, have moving as easy as 1-2-3!


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