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Making Dogs and Moving Go Together


Dogs are very territorial creatures, and sometimes may be resistant to a change in environment, as will be wont to happen if you are moving to a new place. Dogs will be disturbed by the sudden hectic movements around him / her, and may also feel stressed and agitated by everything.

When bring dogs along with your move, try to get them used to riding in a vehicle, as some might not like it, especially when the trip will be taking hours.

If possible, you should also place the dog in a place where it will be exposed to the least stress possible by putting it away from the people who are packing and preparing for the big day. They should also be fed a couple of hours before the move itself, as eating to close to moving time may make them ill as travel might upset their stomachs – a doggie mess is something you don’t want to burden yourself with when moving.

When you move into a new home, you should also try to walk your dog around so the both of you can get accustomed to the new surroundings. You can also try bringing a few bits of items from the old home so the dog can still have something familiar to smell and gradually ease into his / her new surroundings.


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