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Things You Can Do With the Moving Boxes


So, moving is over and the services of your moving boxes also ended up with that. Now, what will you do with those big boxes? Just let them pile up in your guest room? Maybe you’re thinking to throw those boxes away? Before you even think of the garbage can, better consider these:

   Moving companies. Sell your boxes to moving companies or companies selling packing boxes. They may get that at a cheaper price but at least, you still got some money from what you consider now as trash.
   Sell. Families planning to move are surely looking for some moving boxes now.

Why don’t your post about your moving boxes in Craiglist, eBay, or local newspapers? You can surely sell the boxes at higher price than what moving companies will be willing to buy the boxes from you.
   Look in the wanted pages. Newspapers and even online databases have wanted pages where people post what they need in the hope for someone to satisfy that need. Better look for posts looking for some moving boxes.

Simply contact the advertiser and sell your boxes.
   Recycle. If none of the earlier options worked out so well for you, then just better sell your boxes to recycling companies. They will surely buy your boxes at the cheapest rate but at least, you can get rid of your boxes while earning some cash.

Even with moving boxes, the phrase “one’s trash is another person’s treasure” is really true. Before you end up throwing all your boxes, consider getting at least some extra cash from your boxes.


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