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Zero Stress Packing 101


Packing is one of the major tasks in any move, big or small. The way you pack your things is one of the major factors that determine whether a move is successful or not.

When packing, try to do things methodically.

Just try to start with the not-so important things. Try packing room by room so your unpacking will be easier and more efficient.

Try to weed out items that you won’t need in your new home, and sell them in a garage sale or donate them to the less fortunate.

You also need to take special care of the boxes – you can opt to buy new ones, rent recyclable ones, or buy used ones. Just remember that boxes have different sizes and weight limitations. Some items will be better packed using a particular size of box. Also remember to never breach or even go near a boxes’ weight limit, especially with used boxes. Remember to pack breakable items with generous amounts of bubble wrap, crumpled newspapers, and packing peanuts.

Keep a box full of basic and essential things you will use while you’re in the process of unpacking in your new home.

If you do things right, then your move will be much more efficient, and everything will arrive at the destination safely and without damage.


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