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2 Steps to a Better Moving House with your Pets


In order to have a little less stressful day to move to a new house with your pets, there are 3 stages that you need to carefully go through. These 3 stages will not only help you lessen the stress to undertake to move out but also de-stress your pets, too.

First Stage:  Get Everything Prepared before your Actual Moving out

The first thing that you need to prepare before the actual moving out is to ensure that your pets are pre-conditioned.  Pull them out from their comfort zone and start putting them in a new place.  Or to the least expose them to a new environment such as places with lots of people to pre-condition them that they may be experiencing a different scenario. 

Putting your pets in a closed door room and tagging this room as not to be opened will keep other people from being harmed.  Make sure that this is not opened until such time that you are ready to move out. 

Second Stage:  Make the last pre-conditioning on your actual moving out

The best way to pre-condition your pets to have a good and sound trip is to not feed them at least 3 hours before the long drive.  This will avoid the pets from getting stomach stress while on the road.

In addition, make sure that your pets have the best pet carriers – usually comfortable cages.  An hour before the actual moving out, place them inside the carrier to make them relaxed and get familiar with the new “house”.

So, with these easy steps, do you really think that it is going to be difficult to transport and move your pets to the new house? 


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