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How To Make An Earth-Friendly Move


There is one task you can do that will produce loads of trash and pollution—nothing else but moving. So, when you are planning for your next move, make sure to make it a little greener to lessen the poisons that are stuck in this world. 

The following lists present some suggestions you can take to make your move a lot more earth-friendly:

  Avoid trashing everything: Before you pack your things, dedicate a day wherein you will only sort out all of your things. Set aside the things you plan to keep and the things you no longer need.

Gather all the things that you want to get rid of and make a garage sale. You can also sell some of them online or give them to a charitable organization. 
  Rent reusable boxes: Renting reusable boxes will not only help you move greener but will also ensure the security of your things since these are sturdier than cardboard boxes.

  Do not use Non-biodegradable Packing Materials: Using packing peanuts, Styrofoam, foam, and bubble wrap are not earth-friendly. Instead, use newspaper, towels, old clothing, and blanket as wrappers for fragile items. 

Aiming to make an earth-friendly move does not need to be expensive or difficult. Simply follow the tips mentioned above and you can significantly lessen the pollution and toxins that can possibly be caused by your move. 


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