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Learn The Creative Ways To Announce Your Upcoming Move


The first thing you should do when you have decided to move into a new location is to inform everyone, especially those who are very close to you. When making your announcement though, always aim to make it in a very creative way. 

There are actually several ways you can do to make your moving announcement very creative. Some of these are stated below:

  Make a “Surprise Party”: Send out your invitations for a surprise party. Ask everyone to bring any food or drink that is easy to eat like pastries, appetizers, or cookies.

Then, before your announcement at the party, ask everyone to hide. Tell them you are going to usher the guest of honor inside. After few minutes, go back to the party and announce your exciting news. This twist is fun to share in a surprise party.  
  Send personalized greeting cards or eCards: if you have enough time, you can send out personalized greeting cards to make your announcement.

In case you are busy, you can then opt to send out free eCards and include each with a fun message and your new contact information.
  Moved-In Party: If you have limited time to host a party, you can simply invite everyone in your home to mingle and enjoy a photo party too. You can pass on a notebook where everyone will write their contact information.

Always remember that the purpose of your announcement is to keep in touch with everyone after you move.


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