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7 Tips for Moving House with Pets

Just thinking of moving gives you jitters; and doing it with pets can be even more stressful. So here are some tips you can use to keep your pets safe and both of you happy during your move.1.    Make sure you update your pet’s tag with your present contact information so that you can be reached immediately if required.2.    As you will consult a new vet in your new destination, get a copy of your pet’s vaccinations and medical history for the new vet’s reference. Also get your present vet’s phone number in case of emergencies, or for additional information.3.    As vets don’t write prescriptions without any patient and doctor relationship, carry a week’s medication along with you, in case of an emergency. If your pet is on therapeutic food, take an extra supply along with you, in case you don’t find the same food immediately.4.    As you may use a crate during the move, gradually introduce and familiarise your pet to the crate before you move.

The crate you choose should be well ventilated and strong enough for stress chewers lest your nervous pet chews its way out.5.    If you are travelling by air, find out if the airline has any pet restrictions, and be ready for it. 6.    Have a first aid kit ready with basic essentials like gauze, adhesive tapes and 3% hydrogen peroxide for emergencies.

7.    As pets get frightened and confused in their new surroundings, set out their familiar possessions like litter box, toys and water immediately on arriving in the new home to make them at home. With the help of these tips, your move with your pet proves to be more enjoyable and less stressful.  

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