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How to Manage a Garage Sale Successfully


A lot of the work entailed in moving is packing. But if you notice that you really no longer use a lot of your things. In fact, many of them have been stored in cupboards, cabinets and store rooms already. This will be a good time to sell them. Why don't you hold a garage sale!

Pick the best date for the garage sale. Make sure that by then you would have already finished sorting all your things and you would already have priced the items.

When sorting your things, sell those you really have no more need for. This is better than bringing things that you would only end up storing anyway. Of course, it should be a day when you are free and other people are free as well. A weekend is usually a good day for the sale.

Now, it's time to advertise the garage sale. Post some ads and signs around your district area.

You can also make some flyers and hand them out to the entire neighborhood. You can also take advantage of websites that allow ads for free. It's also important that ads look attractive and they are seen by people. Catch people's attention by mentioning the great deals in your sale.

Come your sale day, you should arrange everything well so customers will find the items they might be interested in easily. For instance, group all clothes in one table. Do the same for toys, trinkets and furniture. Then place your small items near the cashier so impulse buyers can easily grab them. Price items attractively so people will be enticed to buy as many items. Just make sure you have enough change too so the lines will be fast come paying time.   


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