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Sliders for Easy and Safe Moving of Heavy Home Items


Cabinets, refrigerator, book shelves, dining tables, and sofas—can you carry all these alone with your bare hands? If you have Popeye’s power, maybe you could. But eating a bunch of spinach will never give you an instant strength so you can carry heavy home items when you move.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be in the spinach-arian diet to lift super heavy items. You just need to work out your brain and think of some ways to easily and safely move these big and heavy things. One of the simplest ways for easy and safe moving is using some sliders.

You can have an easy and safe moving using sliders by following these steps:

1.    Sliders are available in different sizes. Decide the right slider size for the furniture pieces and appliances before you go to the local hardware.

2.    Attach the sliders to the furniture pieces or appliances. Lift up each corner of the furniture or appliance just enough that you can attach the slider to each corner.

3.    Move furniture/appliance.

Slowly and carefully push the furniture or appliance until it reaches the door.

Sliders work well with carpets but not very well with wooden floors. For the latter, you should put a rag on the floor to avoid scratches on the wood.

Moving the appliance or furniture piece with sliders attached should already be smooth because the thing should eliminate the usual friction. Don’t stop halfway as much as possible because the friction will increase when you do.

Now, do you think you need to be Popeye or you instead need to be Dexter for easy and safe heavy-item moving?


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