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Reduce Moving Costs: How To Do This

Moving is not only a very strenuous job, but also expensive. Here are some simple tips to reduce moving costs for people who are scared of moving expenses.
* The cost of moving supplies accounts to a great percentage of moving costs. You can reduce the amount spent on purchasing moving boxes by purchasing cheap recycled boxes or collecting boxes, a few weeks in advance from grocery stores that have boxes to give away. Sites such as craigslist provide information about people, who moved recently and are willing to sell the boxes for less.
* Plan your moving on a week day to reduce truck rentals.
* If you are driving the truck, use the shortest possible route to reach the destination and save on gas expenses.

* Instead of using professional movers, do the moving yourself by renting a truck. Make sure to pack all the items safely to avoid damage.
* Arrange a garage sale to get rid of the clutter. This not only cuts your moving costs, but also gives some money to meet the moving expenses.

If you have no time to arrange a garage sale, donate them.
* Make a judicious selection of the moving company by comparing quotes from different companies.
Lastly, think twice whilst selecting the moving insurance. If you have valuable items such as piano take full coverage package. Hesitating to invest few dollars on insurance may cost huge amount, if the items get damaged or lost whilst moving.

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