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The Moving Checklist You Need to Have


Prevention is better than cure; planning is prevention. It prevents you from making a mess out of your move. And the best way to plan is to make a moving checklist that contains all the things you have to accomplish during your move. It also helps you monitor the things you've done and have not yet done.

Here are the things you need to include in your checklist so you can enjoy a hassle-free move.

Two Months before Your Move
- write an inventory of the things you will move
- make a list of your removal company options with quotes
- get rid of unnecessary and unwanted items
- prepare or buy storage boxes and other packing materials
- get a valid moving insurance that will secure your move

A Month before Your Move
- contact utility companies
- keep jewelries and other valuables in a safe and secured storage box
- return things that you've borrowed or rented
- decide on what removal company to hire and have a moving contract with them
- start packing

A Week before Your Move

- notify people with your change of address
- separate the items that you will bring with you during the move so that it will not be in the moving truck

The Day of Your Move

- check the house for the last time
- lading bill signing
- check the items in the moving truck

Keep your worries at bay during your move with this moving checklist.


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