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Storage: Everything You Need To Know


Is relocating giving you the blues?  Worrying about where you can safely store your belongings is a common problem for movers. Here are a few factors to consider.


Gauge yourself whether you plan on storing your belongings for a week or a month or a year.  This is to prepare the facility you chose on how they can attend to your needs and probably have a better understanding on how much they will charge you.

Cost and Quantity

The charges will differ with the amount of storage space you will need.  Most storage facilities measure in square feet or square meters. If most of the belongings you will store are furniture then you might narrow down your options with those that can help you store and move them as well.


Inform your service provider on how often you will need access with your stored belongings so they can make necessary arrangements.

Couches and other soft furniture

Careful not to make hard or heavy items lean on the couch as it can cause deformity.  Look out for sharp objects too.


It is not advisable to store perishable items in any storage facility at all.  Should you plan to store some, inform your service provider first.

Delicate Belongings

These can be white goods or those that easily discolor when not aerated well enough.  Make sure these kind of stuff are dry so mildew or staining won't occur.  You may also include your files here that would require a lot of security.

In conclusion, verify with your provider how secure their facilities are.  You might also want to consider asking around for reviews. You are hiring a storage company for security and assurance that your goods will be in good hands.  Make sure you will receive just that.


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