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Basics of Unpacking


Is it your first time to unpack after a move? Are you worried that you'll not do it right? Worry no more; here are some basic tips that can help you breeze through your first time.

- Organise your packing- the key to a fast and easy unpacking is an orderly packing before it. If you were able to categorise and label your boxes during the packing, you'll easily find the appliances and furniture that are ought to be placed in the different parts of the house. Imagine if you just packed your things without sorting them. Your new house will be a jungle. It will take forever just for you to find a single shoe.

- Don't open all the boxes in the living room- unwrap the boxes in the respective places where the items inside are supposed to be put. Through this, it will be easier for you to decorate and set the items in their rightful places.

- Divide your unpacking in days- you don't need to unpack everything in the first day of your arrival.

Relax. You can plan to do it for a week.

You may use Monday to unpack the things in the kitchen, Tuesday for the laundry area, Wednesday for the living room, and so on. On the first day, just unpack the things you need to use right away, the basic necessities, like toiletries, the bed, etc.

Hopefully, with these three basic steps, you can unwind and enjoy your new house at the first day of your move.


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